2015 – Aladdin

Cast and Crew

Abanaza                                 Emily Whitaker

Aladdin                                   Amelia Wyatt

Jasmine                                 Elle Radford

Twanky                                   Ella Koupparis

Soapy                                     Katie Hickman

Buttons                                   Molly Young

Herald                                     Rachel Scriven

King                                         Kitty Rendle

Slave of the Ring                    Bella Barrett

Genie                                      Bella Keith

Ugly Sister 1                           Rebecca Thompson

Ugly Sister 2                           Emily James

Robin Hood                            Lily Barton

Slave 1                                   Ruby Ford

Slave 2                                   Poppy-Jane Radford

Police Chief                            Grace Pullin

Police Guard 1                       Sarah-Lou Dickson

Police Guard 2                       Gwen Lightburn

Daisy                                      Millie Chaplin

Soloists:  Amelia Wyatt, Ella Koupparis

Writer and Director:  Amy Spencer


Choreographer: Suzy Robinson


Back stage manager:  Rhian Jones and Emi Wright


Props created by:  61st Guides, Amy Spencer and Dan Spencer


Crew:  Emi Wright, Suzy Robinson, Harold Binley, Dan Spencer, Amanda Binley


This year we raised over £1000


Charities supported were Jessie May and Nakuru Children’s Project.


To see photos of the pantomime, please click here.